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Home Buying Guide

Important Factors While Buying Your First House in Dahisar

Are you ready to buy your first home? Finally, moving out of the maze of renting home after home, year after year? Its a wonderful feeling to own your first house. An exciting step in your life. Especially if you have chosen an upcoming location like Dahisar. But have you done your homework before you plunge into the process?

Here are some pointers for you before you start short-listing your potential first house.

Budget Planning

Dahisar real estate offers a wide range of properties covering luxury apartments to budget homes. Before starting the property search, you must know your budget and the amenities you desire. It would then be easier to short-list the projects that offer homes that are the right fit. Visiting properties ad-hoc is not only a waste of time but also risky as you may choose a property that doesnt fit your budget.


The convenience of a location decides the quality of life of the residents. Factors like the distance of the residence from the work location, its connectivity and accessibility, and other necessary facilities like schools, colleges, and hospitals are some considerations that will determine the daily experience of living in the new residence. By considering these factors you are being proactive about day-to-day life in the future.

Reputation of the Developer

In todays day and age, every developer and builder promises the best residences and amenities in their upcoming projects. It is not prudent to blindly believe the brochures and catalogues as these are designed to impress potential buyers. By visiting the developers previous projects and discussing the experiences of its residents, one can get a good idea if the developer lives up to their promises. You must vary of considering first-time developers unless you are sure of their reputation.

Home Inspection

A physical inspection of the property before making a downpayment is every buyers responsibility. The quality of the construction and interiors of the property should meet your expectations. There should be no flaws in the physical structures and interiors of the property. You dont need any major or minor repairs that will further add to the heavy investments that are being made. The buyer should also know the maintenance bills and taxes liable to avoid any surprises later.

Facilities and Amenities

Having inspected your future home, the next step would be to check the space and facilities in the projects in Dahisar. This includes the common areas, parking space, gardens, recreational areas, clubhouse, and other amenities if any.

The complete process of buying a home and moving in is a fine balancing act. It may not always be possible to get a home that perfectly fits your budget and aspirations. However, one must always try to find the best fit that ticks most of the boxes on your checklist.

Home Buying Guide

Mistakes To Avoid With Home Loan

Anyone who wants to buy a property in Dahisar East knows that the financial capital commands the highest property prices in the country. Most home buyers who want to own a home in Mumbai take a home loan to fulfill their dream. The process of getting a home loan is not an easy one and requires one to be aware of many factors. By following the guidelines discussed below one can make the process smooth and unambiguous. Let us refer to the home loan guide and understand all these one by one. Checking Credit Score The CIBIL score is a credit score that provides information about the buyers ability to repay loans to the lender. It is an important measure used by most loan providers to sanction loans. A borrower must always check their credibility via the CIBIL score before applying for a home loan. This will prevent any hindrances in loan approvals. Doing the research There is a plethora of financial institutions that offer home loans in the market. The fierce competition between them gives the borrower many options to choose from. The borrower must compare the loan offerings before choosing a particular lender. The reputation, schemes, and expert reviews of these lenders can be checked online and through word of mouth on their social networks. The products, tenures, and interest rates need to be studied so that the right product can be chosen. Documentation and Procedure A home loan is a contract between two parties. It involves many legal implications for both parties, especially for the borrower. The borrower agrees to the terms and conditions set by the lender when he signs the documents. Reading and understanding the fine print is a crucial part. Signing the documents unknowingly can result in serious repercussions. The lender may impose unknown terms, conditions, or hidden charges that the borrower is not aware of. All the fine print must be clarified with the lender to avoid future complications. Personal Financial Planning Home loan repayments are made in EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments). It is important to make calculations and allocate funds for the EMI payout, expenses, and emergency fund from the monthly income. One must choose the right home loan plan that fits the budget. Missing the due dates and late payments lead to large penalty charges. It is always better to choose a home that allows easy repayments. Down Payment Every home loan requires a sizeable portion to be paid as a downpayment. This ensures that the borrower can make future payments on time. It also acts as a security for the home loan and ensures a level of trust with the lender. This sum is usually large, and the borrower should have this amount ready before beginning the process of availing of the loan. Consulting a home loan guide or legal experts before making the decision to buy a home is always prudent. It is better to be safe than sorry. ...
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Home Buying Guide

5 Attributes To Factor In Before Investing In A Home In Mumbai

The Mumbai real estate market has shown robust growth in the past year and continues to be the biggest in the country. The high reality prices, increase in stamp duty and registration costs, and high rates on housing loans have not deterred the interest of home buyers and investors. A crucial factor for this demand is the rapid city-wide infrastructure development and construction to offer seamless connectivity to every corner of the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region). The big real estate tycoons in Mumbai offer various types of properties, from luxury homes to more affordable ones. The prices of properties can vary depending on their location. South Mumbai has the most expensive properties, and prices decrease as you move north into the suburbs. The five factors to consider before investing in Mumbai are discussed below. Budget Planning Before you start looking for a home, figure out your budget. This will help you narrow down your options based on location, size, and amenities. Consider additional costs like registration and documentation fees. If youre thinking of getting a loan, make sure you and your spouse are eligible for loans with lucrative interest rates and other perks. Proper planning of the finances with details of income vs expenditure on paper will streamline the buying process and make sure you dont face problems with repayment. Market Research Home buyers can make informed decisions as all the information is now available online. Online portals provide all the relevant information like pricing, MahaRERA number, date of completion developer profile, flat configurations, project amenities, and floor plans. These details can be used to select properties that fall within the required budget and criterion. Doing market research is essential to know the options and information that are required to make the decision. Location Matters The location of your home affects your daily life, including your commute, access to facilities like schools and hospitals, and overall convenience. Although Mumbai is the safest city in India, the locality of the project you choose matters. To experience safety and well-being, the choice of location makes a significant difference. If you want to buy a home at projects in Dahisar East you can be assured of your safety and convenience. Price and Negotiation Pricing is a major factor in the buying process and the procedure can be a complicated one. It is imperative to understand the pricing thoroughly and get the tiniest of doubts cleared to avoid any surprises later. Make sure that there are no hidden charges that will crop up at a later stage and disrupt your calculations. Many developers offer lucrative schemes during festive seasons, launch phases, and promotions. Male most of these opportunities to save as much as possible on the final amount. Try your best to negotiate the price as most developers are ready to cut a few corners. Physical and Legal Inspection Before making any payments, thoroughly inspect the property. Check for construction quality, and any issues with the structure or interiors, and make sure everything meets your expectations. Also, carefully review legal documents like title deeds, certificates, and approvals to avoid future problems. Other documents like allotment letters, cost sheets, sale agreements, possession letters, and society membership should be studied thoroughly so none of the minute details are missed. Evaluate the available amenities within the project. Both budget and luxury flats in areas like Dahisar offer various facilities such as parking, gardens, recreational zones, and clubhouses. Make sure the project delivers on the promised amenities, considering the needs of you and your family. Buying a home is a delicate process. It may not be easy to find a home that perfectly fits your budget and desires but keep looking for the option that aligns with most of your checklist for your dream home. ...
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