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Home Buying Guide

A Complete Buyer’s Guide To The Home Loan

Home loans are an essential factor to home buyers, which increases the chances for them to decide on buying a property. A home loan is a specific amount of funds lent by banks or housing finance firms in return for EMIs. This amount given to home buyers is used for completing the process of buying the property. However, the collateral of the bought property remains with the loan provider until the loan is cleared. The home loan is given after the provider verifies the background of the borrower and the property.

Below are the steps to the process of getting a home loan:

Home Loan application:

The application procedure is when you submit your formal application to the bank along with your personal details for scrutiny and assessment. The personal details like Identity proof, Address Proof, Age proof, Proof of educational/ professional qualifications, Employment details, Bank statements, Proof of income, Pan Card, and Property details finalized it is finalized), Payment of loan processing fees. The bank charges a non-refundable fee for the application.

Scrutiny & verification:

The amount of loan that you are asking for needs to match your capability to repay the loan through your sources of income. Here you interact with the bank officials for them to evaluate your eligibility. They might also visit the addresses provided by you for cross-verification.

Evaluation of repaying capacity:

Once the property and your background are verified, the bank runs errands to know how capable you are of repaying the loan. This is the factor that determines if your loan application will pass or not. There might be conditions from the bank provided to you for agreement before they approve your loan.

Offer letter post-approval:

Once approved the bank will be providing you with an offer letter which has the details like Sanctioned amount, Rate of interest applicable, Fixed, or floating rate of interest, Loan tenure, Mode of repayment, Special scheme (if applicable), Terms and conditions associated with the loan. You must provide a signed copy to the bank as an agreement to proceed ahead.

Property Verification:

There are many residential projects in Dahisar that are in demand now. The bank needs to understand the compatibility between the cost of the property and your capability of repaying it. At this stage, you will need to submit original copies of the title deed, no objection certificate, and other documents for verification.

Once the process of the property verification is done, which could involve the bank scrutinizing the location, developer details, prices, and other important aspects of the property. Think before you choose your developers, as some of the good ones like N Rose Developers in Dahisar have excellent bank affiliations that help you in getting the loans faster.

Home Buying Guide

Tips For Choosing An Apartment With A Good R.O.I. In The Long Term

Buying a home is a highly emotional decision as compared to the rational aspects involved in it. This means that the potential home you choose will be the one where your mind is pleased rather than your pockets. However, that is not a parameter with which you determine whether the property is worth buying or not. Real estate is a long-term investment that should keep growing, meaning your return on investment should be phenomenal. The factors below can make sure you find the right home: Location: The prices of the properties farthest from the main city are the lowest and begin increasing as you start moving towards the center. This is because the main source of all the facilities is always more in the central region of any location and that is what people pay the most for when choosing a residential living environment. Northern Hills Dahisar is one such project which provides the best returns on investment as per its location advantages. Amenities: When looking for 2 BHK flats in Dahisar, you should always negotiate for more amenities at a lesser price which includes facilities like a clubhouse, swimming pools, smart-tech rooms, garden areas, jogging tracks, gymnasiums, and much more so that the overall asset value of your property is more in the future. This ensures a good return on investment with time such that your property is valued more. Preferences: As a home buyer, you have some aspirations for your new home, and you are looking for residential projects in Dahisar that match the criteria. Similarly, the next home buyer who might be looking for a home in the future might find yours appealing if it covers some of the common aspects like the lifestyle quotient, the safety of living, the conveniences, and other standards of living there. Infrastructure: The social infrastructure of any location is the remark of its establishment. The completely developed locations have a higher pricing bracket for the properties which is less likely to churn you bigger returns. However, the location that is still developing, will always cost less on your property and promises high returns in the future. In conclusion, your new home that has a good interior space and includes all the amenities required, in a developing location is going to give you the best possible returns over time. The definition of home is what you come back to after everything is over. Make sure your property has everything you need as well as the next home buyer might require. ...
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Home Buying Guide

5 Reasons To Upgrade To 2 BHK Flats In Dahisar

Dahisar is one of the fast-growing regions in the city of Mumbai with an exclusively splendid infrastructural development. Dahisar is a promising location that ensures the residents get the balance of the best facilities and space. The luxury apartments in Mumbai have a varied set of features that depend on the location. Dahisar is one of the newly growing spots and offers a lot of quality homes at a very convenient price. Reasons why upgrading to 2 BHK homes in Dahisar are given below: Amenities and Infrastructure: When looking for property in Dahisar East, it is inevitably important to choose a development that has a variety of amenities that make your lifestyle smoother. In addition to this, there also is a necessity to have the everyday factors sorted like the educational institutes in the vicinity, restaurants and hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on. Dahisar East is known for its infrastructural signs of progress. Spacious apartments: Luxury flats in Dahisar are in high demand because of the price range and the value of the price that you will be paying. When choosing an established location like Bandra in Mumbai, you will find many apartments, but everything will be restricted to the cost you are ready to pay. Dahisar is developing, which gives you a good package of facilities and spacious apartments at a much more convenient price. A welcoming environment: Dahisar is a pleasant location with a moderate climate environment fit for all activities all year long. The weather conditions of a location also determine the psychology you will develop once you are accustomed to living there. Dahisar has the benefits of being surrounded by Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one side and the Arabian sea on the other. Connectivity: Dahisar is connected well to all the commute routes across the city. You can access the railway through the Borivali station which takes you anywhere in the western suburbs of Mumbai. The roadway has the Western Express Highway that gets you anywhere within minutes. Strong Healthcare: Any location is supposed to have well-built healthcare facilities for avoiding any medical emergencies or troubles. Dahisar has many renowned hospitals like BMC Hospital, Dr. Crystal Hospital, Sushrul Hospital, Lion S.P. Jain, and many more. So in conclusion, Dahisar already has everything you need and more. These facilities will be increasing with time which will also pour in more potential opportunities. Developers like N Rose Developers who have recognized the potential of Dahisar, have already put their best work on the map like the Northern Hills Dahisar East and are contributing to the growth of the location. Take the right decision and get your life started in Dahisar soon. ...
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