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How To Decorate and Design Your High-Rise Tower Apartment

The high-rise apartment that you always dreamt of is now yours. Its time for you to create your own private space in it. This space should reflect your personality and your style. Your originality will make your home look luxurious and classy. If the designs and layouts are executed well their class will dazzle and impress your guests. The authenticity of your ideas should reflect in every piece of furniture and decor chosen.

Style and Design

If you do not have any idea about interior decoration, the internet can be a great place to start. You can scour through to look for design and style patterns that appeal most to you. You can choose to be minimalist or extravagant depending on your tastes. As Indians, we also have a choice to remain traditional or go for a modern approach. You can accordingly then start planning the theme for your interiors.

Planning Spaces

The next step would be to plan your space according to the themes you choose. Make a layout for the spaces so that they are functional as well as look aesthetically pleasing. Choose the furniture according to the layouts that will enhance the room. Glass and wooden themes can give a plain yet classy feel. The décor pieces should blend into the overall theme of the space and not stand out or obstruct the view.

Colors and Textures

For a glamorous look pair luxe metals like gold, silver, and copper with silk and velvet fabrics. Royal purple, dark green, and maroon are luxurious colors enhancing the glamorous feeling. Or you can also go for whites and off-white shades to give a subtle and classy look. Shades of cream, brown and yellow are most seen in the main living rooms. The bedrooms have more personalized colors and textures that suit personal tastes.


Lighting if used properly can change the complete look and feel of the home. There is a significant difference between singular monotonous lighting and mood-enhancing lighting that varies at different sections in different rooms. Highlighting statement decor pieces for a glamorous and graded look is another use of innovative lighting. Chandeliers give a majestic appearance whereas modern lightings give a sharp contemporary feel.

Creativity and aesthetics mean different things to different people. Depending on personal tastes one can choose an elaborate design and theme or a minimalistic subtle pattern for their homes. One may also blend the two to create something unique. One can use the internet and other interior design resources to create a unique style statement for their home.

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Most Popular Builders and Developers in Dahisar

Dahisar is a suburb of Mumbai located in the northwest part of the city. It is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Mumbai both in terms of residential and commercial real estate. Dahisar has great connectivity to the main city via the local railway network, metro rail network, and the Western Express Highway. It boasts of good social infrastructure like schools, colleges, malls, hospitals, multiplexes, and other amenities. There are several commercial projects coming up that will house offices and businesses. It also has easy access to the greenery of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Thane Creek offering beautiful views. All these factors are boosting rapid residential and commercial real estate growth in the suburb. It is one of the best options to live, work and have a family. It also promises good returns on investment in retail and residential property investments. Several builders and developers are offering world-class residential projects in Dahisar West and East to meet the growing demand of home buyers. These projects offer premium apartments and amenities at affordable prices. N Rose Developers With an experience of more than 17 years, N Rose Developers is one of the most reputed developers in Dahisar East. They currently have three projects offering both commercial and residential units that are transforming Dahisar East into an ideal urban address. Northern Supremus offers commercial spaces for retail businesses with modern amenities like CCTV surveillance, DG Power backup, and fire safety systems. Northern Heights are twin 42 storeyed towers offering 2 and 3 BHK luxurious flats with a wide range of modern amenities and facilities. The ideal location has easy access to basic utilities, educational institutes, and medical and shopping facilities. The complex includes a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a landscaped garden, a gymnasium, and a library. Northern Hills, a 66 Storeyed tower project that offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury residences Sky, and Podium amenities. The tallest residence address in Dahisar soars 733 feet above the grounds giving a spectacular view of the skies above and the green landscapes below. The premium residence tower is at a walkable distance from Dahisar station, S V Road, the proposed metro station, and the Western Express Highway and boasts of more than 25 amenities. With rapid real estate development, Dahisar is poised to become one of the leading residential and commercial hubs soon. It is no surprise that all the leading builders and developers of the country have a strong presence in Dahisar East and West with many upcoming projects. ...
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Home Designing For The Modern Lifestyle

Home designing has come a long way over the years, from being a mere need to create functional living spaces to an artistic expression that reflects the modern lifestyle of people. With changing times and evolving technology, people's lifestyles have also changed, and so have their preferences for home designs. When buying flats in Dahisar East, you require modern lifestyle demands that are not only beautiful but also functional and practical. In this blog, we will explore some insights, trends, and tips for home designing for the modern lifestyle. Insights: The modern lifestyle is all about minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. Home designs must reflect these aspects to create a comfortable and convenient living space. When looking for 2 BHK flats in Dahisar East, you must have Open floor plans, minimalistic decor, and natural light are some of the key elements of modern home designs. Trends: The trend in home designing for the modern lifestyle is to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. One of the most popular trends in 3 BHK flats in Dahisar East is the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. Natural materials add warmth and texture to the living space and create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Another trend in home designing is the use of earthy colours, such as beige, brown, and Gray, which give a warm and cosy feeling to the living space. Tips: Open Floor Plans: Open floor plans have become increasingly popular in modern home designing. It allows for a more spacious and flexible living space that can accommodate different activities. Multifunctional Spaces: With the rise of remote work and online learning, multifunctional spaces have become more important than ever. Creating a designated workspace or study area can be achieved by incorporating a built-in desk or shelving units. Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in modern home designing. Natural lighting is the best source of lighting, as it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, incorporating various lighting fixtures, such as dimmers and accent lighting, can enhance the ambiance of the living space. Smart Home Technology: Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in modern home designing. Incorporating smart home technology, such as a smart thermostat or lighting system, can make your living space more convenient and energy efficient. In conclusion, home designing for the modern lifestyle is all about simplicity, functionality, and comfort. Open floor plans, natural materials, earthy colours, multifunctional spaces, lighting, and smart home technology are some of the key elements that can create a beautiful and practical living space. It's important to keep in mind that every home is unique, and it's essential to incorporate personal preferences and style to create a home that is both functional and beautiful. ...
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Dahisar Gets A Taste of Luxury With Homes By N Rose Developers

Dahisar, a suburb in the north-west of Mumbai, has been rapidly developing over the years. With the increasing demand for real estate, several developers have been working towards providing luxurious living spaces in the area. One such developer that has caught the attention of many is N Rose Developers. N Rose Developers is a leading real estate company that has been providing premium housing solutions with the best property in Dahisar East, Mumbai for over two decades. With its latest project, N Rose Developers has brought a taste of luxury to Dahisar with its impeccably designed homes. The project, located in the heart of Dahisar, offers spacious and well-designed 2 BHK apartments in Dahisar that are equipped with all modern amenities. The project also offers 3 BHK apartments in Dahisar that have been crafted with attention to detail and feature premium fittings and fixtures. The interiors are spacious and offer ample natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The project also boasts of world-class amenities that are designed to cater to the needs of every resident. From a well-equipped gymnasium to a swimming pool, from a clubhouse to a childrens play area, the project has it all. The landscaped gardens and walking tracks provide a perfect place to unwind after a long day. The location of the project is also a major advantage. It is situated near several schools, hospitals, and shopping centres, making it an ideal place for families to reside. The project is also well-connected to major highways and public transport, making it easily accessible to all parts of the city. The developer has ensured that the project is built with the highest standards of quality and safety. The apartments are earthquake-resistant and are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety of all residents. The project has received an overwhelming response from buyers, and it is easy to see why. The homes are not just luxurious, but they also provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The attention to detail and focus on quality has made N Rose Developers one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry. In conclusion, N Rose Developers has brought a taste of luxury to Dahisar with its latest project. The homes are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, with world-class amenities and a prime location. With its focus on quality and attention to detail, N Rose Developers has set a new benchmark in the real estate industry and has become the preferred choice for homebuyers looking for premium housing solutions in Mumbai. ...
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Benefits of Investing in Residential Real Estate

If you are someone who likes making money, then you must know there are many sources of investments like crypto, gold, mutual funds and much more. However, there is not better investment than buying a residential real estate. This is because real estate has never decreased the value of investment. It only brings more profitable jumps as the time moves ahead. There are many benefits of investing in real estate, some are mentioned below: 1. Appreciation Value: There are many builders in Mumbai, each coming up with splendid developments every time. This means there is lesser land remaining in an urban city like Mumbai. The lesser there is to develop, the more there is appreciation value to your investment. The idea is to think about long term when investing in real estate, that is when you start earning big because of the higher appreciation. 2. Smooth Cashflow: If you are putting the property you buy on rent, then you real estate becomes capable of earning you a consistent cyclic funds that could better your further investment ideas. Rental incomes are a great way to passively build on the money that not only puts the property in your name but also builds the further bridges for you to invest more. 3. Secure Investment: The bigger the ticket size of an investment, the more it needs to be secure and full proof. Real estate is the safest option for investment, especially after the government of India has successfully incorporated the system of RERA numbers that are allotted to the properties. Now there is not only sufficient data about a project for investors to do their research but there also are benefits like the lower interest rates on loans, and lesser stamp duty costs. 4. Good ROI: The return of investment from any source is dependent on the inflation and the economical flux of the country. Real estate is more rigid of a source when compared to others and ensures the profits on long run regardless the situation or any fallout. This is because the regions never stop progressing, there is always more to do about a location. 5. Taxation advantages: There are newer policies that are concealed by the government that help you save a lot on your taxations if you are investing in real estate. The home loans give you a good savings on your principal amount as well as the interest payable. This means that you are making more money by investing in real estate. In conclusion, investing in real estate is always going to be a benefitting decision. All you need to ensure is to make sure you are doing a thorough research on your properties before closing the deals. ...
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Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investment in Mumbai

Real estate investment in a city like Mumbai is not really a cake walk. There are many factors driving the property market right now, some of them being the post pandemic scenario, the rising demands of homebuyers, and much more. However, real estate is by far one of the trusted investment options that has never failed to increase the asset value. Some of the guidelines for investing in real estate are mentioned below: 1. Know your expenses: Mumbai real estate could be a big investment that costs a fortune as of today. Knowing how much you are spending on everything else in your daily routine, that can give an estimation about your savings and eligibility to invest in the real estate property. There are many expenses that weigh you down like bills, insurances, and other loans, etc. If you can handle a major investment like real estate after covering all your other expenses, then you are in the right place. 2. Calculate your debts: If you are going through a debts that you need to cover, make sure you are doing that before thinking of investing in real estate market. This is because covering debts along with being liable to pay for a property could be stressful and demands a good source of income that can cover both. 3. Budget your property: Understanding the purpose of buying a property is the first step to determine the budget. If you are planning on buying a home for rental investments then the market standards are how you proceed. If you are planning on moving into your new property with your family then you must check what are your family needs and narrow the budget accordingly. This will help you balance your other expenditures better. 4. Do your research: There are numerous real estate developers in Mumbai who are developing new projects every day. Once you are sure about the funds and the locations, you should begin narrowing down your options as per your checkpoints. Make sure you are doing the regular visits for the properties you like, including the validation of the developer reputation and background. Also ensure you have your negotiation in place to make the most out of a deal. 5. Get opinion: If you think that your research alone is not strong enough for you to make a decision, then you must have a second opinion from a property inspector. They can consult you with what are the problems in the property you have selected and where would be a better place to invest that does not come with additional costs. In conclusion, there are many criteria that you need to cover before you jump into any conclusions of buying a property. Make sure you are gathering the right information from a trustworthy source. ...
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Importance of Open Spaces in Residential Projects in Mumbai

The modern ways of living have had us constantly being in an artificial environment, from work to vacation. This disconnects us from nature and confines us into a given space. Homes are a place where we should be able to relax and the open spaces are meant to provide us with the same. This is one of the reasons why residential properties with open spaces are higher in demand when it comes to projects in Dahisar. Below are a few reasons explained about the vitality of open spaces: Necessary Stimulation: Our minds need a timely break from the routine and an escape that helps stimulate them to avoid fatigue and enhance productivity. The open spaces include the concepts of greenery and landscape that represent limitlessness along with an aesthetic appeal. This not only makes your living atmosphere more relaxing but also makes you feel good about where you live. Progressive lifestyle: When you look for 2 BHK flats in Dahisar, you would be wanting everything for all the members of your family. The open spaces come with an opportunity for the youth to release their energies well in nature, and the children get to meet their true selves which are not influenced by todays tech-savvy applications of the world. The senior citizens also get a place to spend their evenings in peace which is good for their physical and mental health. Eliminating the stress: The working class of our society has been under a lot of pressure, which has resulted in them being stressed and tired. The open spaces automatically help them forget their problems temporarily which creates enough distraction in their minds to become capable to continue dealing with their everyday chores. Open spaces eliminate the stress from your life which is a vital factor in not running out of mental space. Boosts activity: Leading a healthy life is to have a balance between your sedentary lifestyle and physical activities to keep you fit. The developments that do not encourage open spaces are not giving their residents an opportunity to explore their physical capabilities. This restricts the homebuyers psychology to have an outdoor physical life in their routine. However, even the smallest activity outdoors impacts heavily on your physical strength and fitness overall. In conclusion, there are many positive aspects of living in a development that has open spaces. Northern Hills is one of the projects by N Rose Developers in Dahisar that has unparalleled open spaces with a variety of luxury properties. ...
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List Of Documents To Check Before Purchasing A Property In Dahisar

Metropolitan regions have a higher scale of investment when it comes to the real estate industry. A city like Mumbai falls at the top geographic destinations making any property here an expensive transaction. If you are planning to invest in a property in Dahisar, you must ensure that all the paperwork is aptly executed. Below mentioned is the list of documents that you must have a check done before purchasing a property in Dahisar: Sales Deed document: The sales deed document is the proof of ownership of the property that legally makes you the buyer of the property. This is the primary document that begins the procedure from buying the property till you move in. The sales deed has all the terms and conditions about the property mentioned which you should ensure is in place before you sign it. The CC and OC: When you look for any flats in Dahisar, you will find out that all the developments have two-step verification until it becomes a legally full proof for you to invest in them. Step 1 is the completion certificate or the CC which is issued by the authorities of the city after they audit the complete construction of the project. Post this comes step 2 which is the Occupancy certificate or the OC which is issued by the government after the project is audited for its eligibility of having residents move in. EC or Encumbrance Certificate: Lets consider that you are looking for 3 BHK flats in Dahisar and you have finalized one of them. The process of checking the above documents will validate the project being perfect for you to start living there and for you being the owner of your property. However, real estate is a big fund market and you require to have proof that mentions there are no monetary liabilities on your property. This proof is called Encumbrance Certificate. MC or Mutation Certificate: Once you are clear with everything, you also must keep your image clean in the government records of taxation. The mutation certificate is the legal document that signifies that the owner has no legal tax liabilities. This helps you avoid any hassles in the other documentation for getting your property ownership. The building plan: The building plan is the document that holds the design to how the project will look after completion. This is the most important document that proves what you have signed up for. There are chances that the developer might change the design midway through the construction and your product might not be what you paid for. To avoid this misconception, you must have a proper building plan. In conclusion, the list of documents involved in the process of property ownership is long and there are many things involved. Make sure you choose a trustworthy source to grasp the knowledge before you finalize on any property. ...
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Tips For Choosing An Apartment With A Good R.O.I. In The Long Term

Buying a home is a highly emotional decision as compared to the rational aspects involved in it. This means that the potential home you choose will be the one where your mind is pleased rather than your pockets. However, that is not a parameter with which you determine whether the property is worth buying or not. Real estate is a long-term investment that should keep growing, meaning your return on investment should be phenomenal. The factors below can make sure you find the right home: Location: The prices of the properties farthest from the main city are the lowest and begin increasing as you start moving towards the center. This is because the main source of all the facilities is always more in the central region of any location and that is what people pay the most for when choosing a residential living environment. Northern Hills Dahisar is one such project which provides the best returns on investment as per its location advantages. Amenities: When looking for 2 BHK flats in Dahisar, you should always negotiate for more amenities at a lesser price which includes facilities like a clubhouse, swimming pools, smart-tech rooms, garden areas, jogging tracks, gymnasiums, and much more so that the overall asset value of your property is more in the future. This ensures a good return on investment with time such that your property is valued more. Preferences: As a home buyer, you have some aspirations for your new home, and you are looking for residential projects in Dahisar that match the criteria. Similarly, the next home buyer who might be looking for a home in the future might find yours appealing if it covers some of the common aspects like the lifestyle quotient, the safety of living, the conveniences, and other standards of living there. Infrastructure: The social infrastructure of any location is the remark of its establishment. The completely developed locations have a higher pricing bracket for the properties which is less likely to churn you bigger returns. However, the location that is still developing, will always cost less on your property and promises high returns in the future. In conclusion, your new home that has a good interior space and includes all the amenities required, in a developing location is going to give you the best possible returns over time. The definition of home is what you come back to after everything is over. Make sure your property has everything you need as well as the next home buyer might require. ...
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5 Reasons To Upgrade To 2 BHK Flats In Dahisar

Dahisar is one of the fast-growing regions in the city of Mumbai with an exclusively splendid infrastructural development. Dahisar is a promising location that ensures the residents get the balance of the best facilities and space. The luxury apartments in Mumbai have a varied set of features that depend on the location. Dahisar is one of the newly growing spots and offers a lot of quality homes at a very convenient price. Reasons why upgrading to 2 BHK homes in Dahisar are given below: Amenities and Infrastructure: When looking for property in Dahisar East, it is inevitably important to choose a development that has a variety of amenities that make your lifestyle smoother. In addition to this, there also is a necessity to have the everyday factors sorted like the educational institutes in the vicinity, restaurants and hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on. Dahisar East is known for its infrastructural signs of progress. Spacious apartments: Luxury flats in Dahisar are in high demand because of the price range and the value of the price that you will be paying. When choosing an established location like Bandra in Mumbai, you will find many apartments, but everything will be restricted to the cost you are ready to pay. Dahisar is developing, which gives you a good package of facilities and spacious apartments at a much more convenient price. A welcoming environment: Dahisar is a pleasant location with a moderate climate environment fit for all activities all year long. The weather conditions of a location also determine the psychology you will develop once you are accustomed to living there. Dahisar has the benefits of being surrounded by Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one side and the Arabian sea on the other. Connectivity: Dahisar is connected well to all the commute routes across the city. You can access the railway through the Borivali station which takes you anywhere in the western suburbs of Mumbai. The roadway has the Western Express Highway that gets you anywhere within minutes. Strong Healthcare: Any location is supposed to have well-built healthcare facilities for avoiding any medical emergencies or troubles. Dahisar has many renowned hospitals like BMC Hospital, Dr. Crystal Hospital, Sushrul Hospital, Lion S.P. Jain, and many more. So in conclusion, Dahisar already has everything you need and more. These facilities will be increasing with time which will also pour in more potential opportunities. Developers like N Rose Developers who have recognized the potential of Dahisar, have already put their best work on the map like the Northern Hills Dahisar East and are contributing to the growth of the location. Take the right decision and get your life started in Dahisar soon. ...
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Vastu Tips For A Happy, Positive, And Ideal Home

Real Estate has its history deeply rooted in Indian culture and the tradition of living methodologically. Vastu is one of the techniques used widely by the Indian market as a learning of the energies and how they affect the lifestyle. The concept of Vastu includes the design, geometric placement, and layouts of a space that resonates with harmony and peace.

Some of the Vastu tips mentioned below will help you understand how to keep your home happy:

Vaastu tips for Living Room:

The living room is that part of the home that exchanges numerous types of energies, be it from the family or from outsiders. You must make sure that the living room is always filled with positive energy such that it scatters it across the home, resulting in the defeat of all the negativity. The best Vastu tip for home with a big living room is for the host to face the North or East at the time of guest visitations. The guests must be seated opposite the hosts. With this, you must also have the electronics facing in the direction of the fire that is south.

Vastu tips for Bedroom:

The bedroom is the place where you sleep, so you must make sure that you are positive at the time of your rest. Vastu concepts for bedrooms recommend that the door of the bedroom should always open to a maximum of 90 percent. Decluttering the bedroom is one of the most important things to do, especially to avoid a suffocative mindset while resting. Ventilation and proper lighting in the bedroom are mandatory.

Vastu tips for Kitchen:

Amongst all the Vastu tips for the house, the Kitchen tips are the most important. This is because the Kitchen space is the source of the energy for the body, as it is where the food is made. The Kitchen should always be set up in the South-west corner or the North-west corner. All the burners in the Kitchen must be facing South. The drinking water should be placed on the northeast side.

Vastu tips for Prayer Room:

The prayer room is the place that filters the energy of the complete home. This is the cleansing place for the aura of the home. The implication is to have a special place for this room. The best place for the Prayer room should be in the northeast corner of the house.

In conclusion, there is a place and direction for every small thing that collectively becomes a home. Everything possesses an energy that when distributed brings about a complete change in the lifestyle. Make sure you are learning everything about the Vastu tips for your home before you buy your space.

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5 Reasons To Buy Luxury Apartments In Mumbai

Mumbai is the dream city to buy the first-ever luxury apartment of your life. This is not only a wish of many but also a life-changing reality. Amongst all the locations of Mumbai, Dahisar has been one of the sought-after places to begin a luxurious new life mainly because of the development progress happening there in recent years. Apart from this, there are 5 different reasons why buying luxury apartments in Mumbai is worth it: Economic growth: The economic progress in the country has brought more cash flow in every individuals life, making it an additional benefit for people to think of investing in better homes. Once there is more money revolving in your life, you are bound to think of choosing luxury over the ordinary. This has increased the demand for luxury flats in Dahisar as well. Location advantages: The people who are eligible of buying luxurious property in Dahisar East would obviously want certain types of provisions in their vicinity. These include better schools, restaurants, malls, and other requirements. These also come with the immediate need to switch to a lifestyle that is easily commutable, along with a home that is relaxing and promising peace of mind. Standards of Luxury living: When you scale up your perception of living from the local standards to the global standards, you automatically realize there is more to luxury than you know. This causes a constant change in the trend of luxury which means that there will always be something more for the developers to construct in their new projects. Investing in luxury apartments will always bring the greater good to you. Increase the overall value: When you acquire land, it certainly contributes to your overall value. Investing in a luxury apartment means that the net worth of your investment now will multiply even further in the future. This is a simple calculation of the potential land prices in Dahisar ahead in a few years. It is for sure going to increase than what it is now. Better Resale rates: Luxury apartments will not only increase your net worth in the future but also create an opportunity to earn from your investment. If the price of buying a luxury apartment is going to increase, then the number of people buying it might also increase. A good resale rate can help you earn way more than what you invest in now. In conclusion, luxury apartments in Dahisar East are cost-efficient today when it comes to developers like N Rose Developers who have constructed their prestigious luxury project Northern Hills Dahisar East. Make sure you decide quickly and get your lifechanging luxury apartment in Dahisar. ...
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The Essential Checklist For NRIs Buying Property In India

The non-residential Indians prefer investing in the real estate industry in India, mainly because of the returns that are assured given the rate of development and growth. The reasons why people invest in real estate can be for a secure future or the family or to create generational assets. All these reasons are tending toward the future because of the potential that this industry has. Commercial and residential verticals of real estate, both are equally benefiting for investors especially nonresidents of India due to the affordable economy of the country and the low-interest loans. There are specific rules to invest in real estate that can be marked by the checklist mentioned below: Taxation policies: When an NRI plans on investing in new projects in Dahisar, they should be aware of the tax they are liable to pay. This calculation of taxation is done in the same method for a regular Indian citizen who invests in the property. However, the benefit that NRIs have is that they can demand a deduction on head reimbursement and stamp duty, registration of the property. Payment methods: There are multiple channels of payments that you can use like Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable, Non-Resident External, or Non-Resident Ordinary accounts. You can also make your payments in cash or cheques from the banks if you have applied for a loan. Know which payment method can get you better discounts. RERA registration: As an NRI you must be aware of the property details like the RERA registration which is a validation of genuineness from the government. The RERA registration provides the property with a RERA number which ensures that the property is legally listed. Documentation procedure: The minute you finalize on flats in Dahisar East, you must understand that your important documents should be ready for the government procedure which includes an NRI or PIO, or OCI to be eligible for buying a property in India. Always have a lawyer: When living outside a country, you are bound to not keep tabs on every single law change that country undergoes. This calls for a backup and that means having a lawyer who can overlook all your decisions and processes makes a big difference. It not only saves you time at work but also gets you an upper hand in facing fewer problems to own a property in India. NRIs face an issue in keeping real-time updates of the market and real estate is an industry that changes to the everyday demands of homebuyers. Finding the right time to make the investments that are worth and potential to increase the returns value for you in the future requires a lot of studying the Indian market. Make sure your sources of information are right. ...
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A Complete Buyer’s Guide To The Home Loan

Home loans are an essential factor to home buyers, which increases the chances for them to decide on buying a property. A home loan is a specific amount of funds lent by banks or housing finance firms in return for EMIs. This amount given to home buyers is used for completing the process of buying the property. However, the collateral of the bought property remains with the loan provider until the loan is cleared. The home loan is given after the provider verifies the background of the borrower and the property. Below are the steps to the process of getting a home loan: Home Loan application: The application procedure is when you submit your formal application to the bank along with your personal details for scrutiny and assessment. The personal details like Identity proof, Address Proof, Age proof, Proof of educational/ professional qualifications, Employment details, Bank statements, Proof of income, Pan Card, and Property details finalized it is finalized), Payment of loan processing fees. The bank charges a non-refundable fee for the application. Scrutiny & verification: The amount of loan that you are asking for needs to match your capability to repay the loan through your sources of income. Here you interact with the bank officials for them to evaluate your eligibility. They might also visit the addresses provided by you for cross-verification. Evaluation of repaying capacity: Once the property and your background are verified, the bank runs errands to know how capable you are of repaying the loan. This is the factor that determines if your loan application will pass or not. There might be conditions from the bank provided to you for agreement before they approve your loan. Offer letter post-approval: Once approved the bank will be providing you with an offer letter which has the details like Sanctioned amount, Rate of interest applicable, Fixed, or floating rate of interest, Loan tenure, Mode of repayment, Special scheme (if applicable), Terms and conditions associated with the loan. You must provide a signed copy to the bank as an agreement to proceed ahead. Property Verification: There are many residential projects in Dahisar that are in demand now. The bank needs to understand the compatibility between the cost of the property and your capability of repaying it. At this stage, you will need to submit original copies of the title deed, no objection certificate, and other documents for verification. Once the process of the property verification is done, which could involve the bank scrutinizing the location, developer details, prices, and other important aspects of the property. Think before you choose your developers, as some of the good ones like N Rose Developers in Dahisar have excellent bank affiliations that help you in getting the loans faster. ...
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Dahisar Real Estate Trends

Dahisar is a rising location in Mumbai with respect to the real estate industry. The potential that the region has shown with the new residential properties being constructed over these recent times, makes it come into the limelight for people who are looking for affordable homes. There current trends in real estate in Dahisar are mentioned below: Employment hubs near Dahisar: The demand for flats in Dahisar East has increased over time because of the proximity it has to different work sectors like the Mira Road MIDC, The Wadhwa Techno Park, the Mindspace in Malad, the Infinity Park, NESCO IT park, Nirlon Knowledge park and so on. These micro-markets make up a big portion of the working-class people who require a stay close to their workplace for easier travel and saving personal time. Social amenities in Dahisar: Alongside the proximity to the workstations, you also require all the facilities that are required by you and your family in the daily routine. Dahisar has a well-developed section of social amenities with educational institutes like Singapore International school and Rustomjee Cambridge. There are healthcare facilities like HCG Cancer Center, Pragati multi-specialty, Life Care, and much more. There are multiple sports clubs like Mandpeshwar Civic Gymkhana and many more. Physical Infrastructure of Dahisar: Dahisar has good connectivity to the other regions of Mumbai like Goregaon, Thane, and Andheri via the Western Express Highway. The Dahisar Railway station is close by which can take you easily to anywhere in Mumbai. The Mumbai International airport is 19 km away and there is a 25km long elevated corridor proposed to be made on the Western Highway to ease the traffic issues. Price trends in Dahisar: Residents in Dahisar have decent rental returns on their properties which are expected to rise in the coming years after the availability of the metro lines. The development of flats in Dahisar East brings the estimated price range of homes in the bracket of INR. 1 1.5 Cr* based on the configurations of the homes. Reasons to invest in Dahisar: Over these last few years, the overall development progress of Dahisar has been very good, which creates the real estate market to flood in more projects there. This will eventually cause the price range of homes in Dahisar to rise given the demands of home buyers increase. This makes an excellent reason to invest in Dahisar now, which could bring you a great resale rate in the future. So, in conclusion, Dahisar could become the most sought-after location in Mumbai and make your lifestyle as luxurious as the one you would get in the most expensive localities otherwise. Make a wise choice of getting the benefits by investing less now and getting the best soon. ...
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Why You Should Buy an Apartment in Northern Hills

Dahisar is a rising location for residential real estate due to its demand. Amongst many residential projects in Dahisar, Northern Hills is one of the most elegant. The high soaring tower of 676 ft. has its top into the skies giving irresistible views of the endless horizon. N. Rose Developers have thoughtfully constructed Northern Hills with 2 & 3 BHK homes and a plethora of amenities, making it an apt investment for home buyers. Other reasons why you should consider buying a home in Northern Hills are mentioned below: Tallest Development Vicinity: Living in the tallest development of the vicinity has its own advantages of getting the best of a locality. The lounge provided in Northern Hills sky deck is one of a kind. This also gives better-ventilated homes with a great view from the balconies. You can have the time of your life with your family on the rooftop under the stars or experience the views that the development has to offer. Unparalleled Views: Northern Hills is anchored in one of the established places of Dahisar which provides you with beautiful views of the hills and the creek. The development is in proximity to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which blesses the location with lush greenery around. As for the nightlife in Dahisar, the city lights are mesmerizing view to have from your home. Seamless Connectivity: Dahisar East comes in the western region of the suburbs of Mumbai, where there are plenty of options to have an ease of commute throughout the city. S.V. Road is 30 meters from Northern Hills, there is also the Western Express Highway which is 210 meters away. You have Dahisar Railway station which is 0.45km away. There are other social infrastructural benefits like JBNC School: 2.4 Km, Rustomjee Cambridge School 2.9 Km, Pinnacle Multi-specialty 20 meters, Pulse Diagnostic Centre 20 meters, Lifecare Diagnostics 2 Km. Numerous Lifestyle Amenities: Amongst all the other benefits mentioned above, Northern Hills has some of the best amenities like the Infinity Pool Deck, Kids Play Area, Amphi Seating, Barbeque Deck, Fitness Zone, Indoor Games, Indoor Table Game Zone, jogging track, Jain Temple, Beautifully Designed Residences. These amenities truly change your lifestyle from the inside out. In conclusion, Northern Hills signifies to be the development you choose to buy a home in when deciding to live in Dahisar East. Not only does Northern Hills provide everything but also is affordable. This means that once Dahisar takes off on the real estate graph, the prices might increase which could benefit you if you invest in them now. ...
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The Best Places to Own a Property in Mumbai

Dahisar: The requirement for property in Dahisar has significantly increased due to the real estate development that it has done over these few years. The progressive social infrastructure and a variety of choices in configuration make it one of the most preferred locations in Mumbai. 2 BHK Apartments in Dahisar are highly in demand due to it being a residential location primarily. Although, the region makes a very promising commercial hub as well with the upcoming IT park. Since it is a sophisticated location with most people being from the working class, the connectivity offered is effortless with Western Railway and the Western Express Highway. There is also the availability of Mumbai Metro that lets you easily travel in the western region. Malad East: Malad is one of the regions in the western suburbs of Mumbai which falls close to the Andheri and Borivali regions. This is a promising residential area for working professionals as it falls close to the commercial sectors in the western region. The connectivity with the western express highway and the western metro line along with the railway makes it very smooth for people to commute. Marol: Marol is the most accessible place in the western region of Mumbai with a lot of potential premium developers projects with ready-to-move-in homes. The main advantage of this location is the metro station right where you live. This gives you a quick commute to and from Marol to Andheri, Versova, and Ghatkopar. The IT Park in Marol makes it a demanding location for the working-class people. The international airport is just 4km away and the commercial sector of Andheri is 6 km away. Goregaon East: Goregaon is the connecting region for Andheri and Borivali making it the ideal location for affordable homes in Mumbai. The majority crowd here is young and energetic and that brings a lot of brands, restaurants, and other facilities in proximity. The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli road and the western express highway give unparalleled connectivity to the rest of the city. The Goregaon film city makes it one of the most fascinating locations in all of Mumbai. Kurla West: Kurla is one of the most accessible locations from the Bandra-Kurla Complex which is the topmost business hub in Mumbai. Kurla west is preferred by professional working people due to its proximity to the commercial developments and the affordability that makes it pocket friendly for them. Kurla connects you directly to the western region through the Bandra-Kurla complex and the railway station connects you to the central and the harbor region of the city. ...
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A Guide To Buying Your First Home In Today’s Market

In this time and age, there is no one who would not demand a luxurious lifestyle in the premium properties of Mumbai. Urban life is all about acquiring new levels of comfort, modernity, and advancement in the ways of living. This comes with leading a prestigious life with high status and success. The trends and patterns of the upcoming society in Mumbai speak about the definition of modern life in the financial capital of the nation. To explain these trends and definitions, the aspects that get you the ownership title of the premium properties in Mumbai are explained in detail below: Luxury and lavish living: The residential projects in Dahisar are considered one of the most premium homes in Mumbai because of their uniqueness in design and a plethora of innovative amenities that scale up the comfort and speed of living for people. Inevitably, knowledge has now become easy to access for consumers making them highly aware of what is best for them. This has made the builders in Dahisar work on such projects that cover everything that comes under the modern luxury of the residents. Premium location: New projects in Dahisar are developed in the most happening locations which have seamless connectivity and all the availabilities in the proximity. The luxury lifestyle not only involves having advanced amenities but also having the facilities that make the residents put less effort into the commute, or not have to search for alternative solutions to their daily needs. The luxury of being able to reach your workplaces or any entertainment hubs or other such locations is what makes a life flawless. All the lavish amenities: Luxury properties can be separated from regular properties by their architecture, their interior design, and the combination of amenities that the developer provides. There are over-the-top amenities that cover the security aspects, entertainment aspects, relaxation aspects, peace aspects, and other such factors that matter the most to lead a luxurious life. Examples of lavish amenities are clubhouses, spas, jogging tracks, landscape views, and much more. Never-ending luxury Views: The true nature of a luxury property is the environment where it is developed. Most people who can afford a premium home in Mumbai, buy it for the rest of their lives. The factor that seals the deal for such people has a lot to do with the views they like to have from their homes. Dahisar is a location that provides sprawling views of the cityscape and the greenery around it for luxury life to be complete. In conclusion, many things are involved in calling a property "luxury" and some of them are mentioned above. Amongst these things, there also are other factors that can help you get the ownership title of premium property in Mumbai. Read further and find out how can one achieve the luxurious life one wants. ...
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Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying A New Home in Dahisar

The excitement of buying a new home is incomparable. This also becomes a blinding factor for you home buyers, resulting in mistakes that if not considered and thought upon, might become unresolvable for you in the future. Below are a few commonly found mistakes made by home buyers that if avoided can save a lot of their resources: Make a solid budget: The biggest issue one can face while looking for flats in Dahisar is to hunt them without having a well-thought budget readied prior. To avoid confusion and stress in apartment searching, you must jot down the requirements you have for your new home against the amount of money you can afford to spend on it. This prevents you from getting skeptical over different options and realizing that you are running out of time, eventually leading you to make a rash decision. Satisfaction with a home is a rare chance and a hurried decision can be a problem. Researching on your home: There are multiple factors that help an apartment qualify for your dream home. If you have chosen to buy 2 BHK flats in Dahisar then you must also research more about the location preference, infrastructural availabilities, connectivity, and such factors as per your lifestyle and everything you want to add to it. You are bound to get relevant searches that meet your requirements. Unless you do this research, you will be open to everything which is not a conclusive way to select your home. Not doing a proper home inspection: An overview of any property in Dahisar may seem perfect until to take a closer look at the details inside. Taking 3 BHK flats for sale in Dahisar is a big responsibility and if your home turns out to have problems and a desperate need for reconstruction, you are at a loss. Usually, the ready-to-move-in units are available at a convenient cost due to their conditions. Making sure that all the space is well intact without a problem, is your responsibility before you sign the papers. Overspending from budget: It is a commonly known fact that we are bound to spend more on what we like as compared to what we can afford. Buying a home is a single-time opportunity that makes us overthink our own preferences. When you get a beautifully crafted home that meets all your requirements but costs more than your budget, is when you should have your comparisons in place. Knowing what costs how much gives you a sense of choosing the right home without having to overspend. This might end up disrupting your other financial decisions. ...
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N Rose Developers: Building Better Life, Shaping A Sustainable Future In Dahisar

Dahisar is one of the most prominent locations for residential spaces due to its dynamic nature of development. Over time, it has caught the attention of many renowned industrial organizations. N Rose Developers is one such name that has witnessed the complete transformation of Dahisar and has contributed to it by ensuring an elevated standard of living in the best-developed living spaces. Amongst all the builders in Dahisar, N Rose Developers uses the best-branded materials to create luxurious homes. The aim is to establish an incomparable experience of a lifestyle that provides the best of what Dahisar must give you. Some of the developments by N Rose Developers in Dahisar are below: Northern Hills: A soaring residential project in Dahisar which is 676 ft. tall, makes it stand amongst the clouds with an endless horizon of beauty to live within. A pinnacle of luxury with 2 & 3 BHK flats in Dahisar with all the modern amenities. This is a project where lifestyle, experiences, and luxury blend together. N Rose Developers have made Northern Heights with an architectural depth that makes the living experience like you are in heaven. Spacious homes with views that rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Well connected with the SV Road and Western Express Highway. Northern Hills is a 61-storeyed tower making it the tallest tower in Dahisar. Get the benefits of more than 25 amenities and unmatched connectivity just beyond your doorstep. Northern Heights: Northern Heights is a twin skyline of Dahisar, a 42-storeyed oracle for residential living. Northern Heights offer the most comfortable 2 & 3 BHK apartments with a plethora of amenities blended with perfect views and an ambiance. This project encompasses a 1-acre central lawn with an e-level podium. Experience the quality clubhouse to socialize with your age groups in the community and grow your horizon of life together. Northern Heights provides the best connectivity to major essentials like the best utilities, institutes, and other major social infrastructural requirements. Northern Supremus: Northern Supremus is one of the most splendid projects in Dahisar. It is a modern commercial property that includes all the retail stores, departmental shops, supermarkets, and convenience shops that fulfill all our daily requirements. Anchoring at the residential project, North Rising by N Rose Developers, this project compromises of all the facilities that speak commercial development for itself. A completely glazed structural glass facade with a huge welcoming lobby. Amenities like car parking, broadband connections, and much more. ...
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The Future of Real Estate Investment is Dahisar East

Dahisar is creating a buzz in the real estate market of Mumbai for a few years now. Considering its connectivity, proximity to Sanjay Gandhi National Park & infrastructural developments, property in Dahisar East market is getting sold like a hot cake. If you are planning to invest in projects in Dahisar East, then you are on the right track.

Lets look at why Dahisar East holds so much of a future for real estate investment:

1. Connectivity

Dahisar is well connected to the entire Mumbai via the Western Railway Line, as well as the Western Express Highway that starts right from Dahisar. That is not all, Mumbai metros Line 2 and Line 7 are set to improve Dahisars connectivity manifold. Line 7 will connect Dahisar East to Andheri East & Line 2A will connect Dahisar to DN Nagar in Andheri West and a further extension of this Line 2B will connect DN Nagar to Mankhurd. This will make it a breeze to travel from Dahisar to the Western and Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai.

2. Rental Income

Due to superior connectivity, Dahisar will enjoy a high rental income. Once the metro line is fully functional, the property & rent prices of 2BHK apartments in Dahisar will touch the sky. Despite the expected hike in the rental price, Dahisar will remain an affordable locality to stay in comparison to other parts of the city.

3. Social & retail infrastructure

The social infrastructure of Dahisar is well-developed. The locality is home to some of the most renowned educational institutions. To talk about the healthcare facilities, Pragati Multi-speciality, Life Care, and HCG Cancer Centre are a few prominent hospitals in and around Dahisar. Key recreational facilities around the pocket are Dahisar Sports Club and Mandpeshwar Civic Federation Gymkhana. All these factors make properties in Dahisar attractive to buyers and renters, and hence, profitable for investors.

4. Parks & Nature

Dahisar is blessed with scenic beauty & has a total of 12 parks, so you can easily find a place to go for a walk or take kids to play. If you are craving even more nature then you can head to Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is on the border of Dahisar and immerse yourself into the beauty of nature fully. Its a perfect place for the nature lover who wants to stay close to nature without compromising on the daily comforts & conveniences of city life. With so much to offer, Dahisars real estate is expected to grow by leaps and bounds shortly. Currently, many renowned developers are offering their luxury projects offering spacious 3BHK apartments in Dahisar to cater to the needs of modern Indian families. Needless to say, for a smart investor, Dahisar is the place to be.
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Northern Hills: Homes with Modern Amenities and Features

Northern Hills Dahisar East, a development by N Rose Developers, Mumbai, is a beautifully designed project standing tall at 676 feet. The well thought architecture of this project provides spacious living with views from your home that can redefine your peace of mind. If you are looking for 2 and 3 BHK flats in Dahisar with an abundance of social infrastructural facilities, Northern Hills is your best choice. Get the benefits of walkable distance from Dahisar Station, S V Road, Western Express Highway, and Proposed Metro Station. The resplendent luxury flats in Dahisar have a new address at Northern Hills with the best-in-class amenities to uplift your lifestyle to a luxurious paradise. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. A Star Gazing Zone with placement for telescope stands and a wide-open view into the sky. Now naming as many stars as you want can become an after-dinner activity. 2. A Multipurpose court that brings you the benefits of different sports right at your doorstep. Now keep yourself energetic and well-practiced in all the sports without any hesitation. 3. Swing court porch made especially for you and your family to have breezy evenings every day. Have the best time socializing with other residents while you enjoy the openness like nowhere else. 4. Infinity pool deck where you can lose into the horizon with your body submerged in the refreshing water. Take laps and rejuvenate yourself while watching the most mesmerizing sunsets. 5. Kids play area to make sandcastles and have the best time of their childhood. Additionally, a play park with different equipment for your children to escape the world. 6. Amphi seating for the community to have events that develop the opportunities to bond with everyone and celebrate life together. A theatrical layout is thoughtfully designed for festivals, programs, and performing events for everyone to experience the liveliness of all activities. 7. Barbeque deck to savor the best Sunday barbeques with family and friends with a view, good music, and an ambiance resonating with that of a family restaurant. 8. Fitness zone to engross in a rigorous body fitness time with advanced gym equipment and yoga and meditation space. 9. Indoor table game zone to sit together and have a fun time together, every day. 10. Jogging track for morning walks and jogging time that refreshes your mind, body, and soul. ...
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Advantages of Living in A High Rise Tower

According to the property in Dahisar East , a high-rise tower would be any development that is above 75 feet. This makes the law of having two lifts for buildings taller than 4 floors and a firefighting system to be set up for buildings that are taller than 7 floors. There also are many other requirements for higher flooring buildings, which gives the residents many benefits of living. Some of them are as follows: The grand lifestyle: If you think of a lifestyle that makes you feel like the king of the world, Northern Hills, Dahisar East should come to your mind first. This is because of the facilities that Northern Hills provides to its residents along with the amenities, and especially the ambiance, which would make you feel like you’re living in a castle. Free from all Noise: The lifestyle you get in the flats in Dahisar of a high-rise tower-like Northern Hills, the environment itself is so peaceful and quiet that you wouldn’t see the chaos of the city reaching your home. When you live at a height, the noise reduces drastically. Ample amount of ventilation: The name high-rise tower itself proves the fact that there is going to be plenty of fresh air without any blockages or city pollution affecting you and your family. This advantage cannot be easily found in any other development. All the security measures: A high-rise tower requires high maintenance which demands a perfected security system to keep everything in check and well-functioning. This means that when you live in a high-rise tower-like Northern Hills, you are bound to get all the safety. Natural light in abundance: It is known that a home that has good natural light coming in, has an immense amount of positive energy. A high-rise tower can give you the natural light you need for your home to glow all the time. The benefits of a high-rise tower are endless, and this type of lifestyle is adapted and is trending in the world. Sooner or later, every real estate developer will be working on a high-rise tower. However, in the future, the prices of flats in Dahisar at a high-rise tower would increase. Make your decision while you have a chance. ...
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Why This is The Right Time To Buy Property in Dahisar

Searching for the right location for your dream home can be a daunting experience. It can take months to find a perfect locality that is accessible to your workplace, educational institutions, everyday shopping & entertainment facilities, and has a good residential project.

If you are looking to buy a property in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Dahisar East has emerged as a preferred residential destination in recent times. The locality has developed in every aspect over the past few years which makes it ideal for investment.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons to help you understand why investing in Dahisar East will be a rewarding decision in your life:


The social infrastructure in Dahisar is very well-developed. Several reputed and good schools and colleges in Dahisar include St Louis High School, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyalaya, Indian School of Management, etc. Reputed and reliable hospitals in Dahisar include Sanjivani Hospital, Crystal Hospital, Abhinav Sushrut, etc. In addition to this, residents in and around Dahisar can find plenty of recreational hubs and popular shopping malls like the Square Mall, Raghuleela Mall, and Korum Mall near the area.


Dahisar East is well connected to all the parts of the city via road & railway networks. With the Metro line 7 being operational, the connectivity has been further enhanced which has increased the demand for flats in Dahisar East.

A good option for residential projects

Dahisar offers a clean & refreshing environment, thanks to the ample green zones. The region has Sanjay Gandhi National Park with 12 other parks to provide you with breathtaking views. This is the reason, several reputed developers are launching their luxury projects in Dahisar with top-notch amenities, mesmerizing views, and affordable costs.

Employment hubs

Dahisar is in proximity to Wadhwa Techno Park, Mira Road MIDC, and various small industrial estates in Borivali and Dahisar. Further, it is located within 10-15 km of major employment centers such as Mindspace Malad, Infinity IT Park, NESCO IT Park, and Nirlon Knowledge Park.

In the past few years, there has been a spurt in the overall infrastructural development of Dahisar, which has given a positive boost to the real estate market. For people who do not like living in busy and crowded places, Dahisar can be a good alternative. With excellent infrastructure, connectivity benefits, and affordable housing investment in property in Dahisar East currently is a wise decision.

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Home Maintenance Tips For Monsoon

After months of the scorching heat of summer, we all desperately wait for the first splash of water, cloudy skies & the air filled with a dewy petrichor. But as long as we look forward to snuggling under the blanket or enjoying a hot cup of tea looking out of the window while it is raining, the season brings some nightmares with it, especially to the interiors & exteriors of our house. We decorate our home with utmost love & care, hence it is also important to maintain it properly. Below is the checklist to help you keep your home monsoon ready: Waterproof Walls Ensuring dry & sturdy walls tops the list of safety measures for monsoons. Opt for waterproof paints to avoid dampness & peeling of the walls. Waterproof Your Roof Roofs bear most of the rain. You must check the roof of your apartment for any sort of leakage that can cause damage. If you stay on the top floor of the building make sure there is no leakage from the terrace of your building. Electrical Components Another risk that you must all insulate yourself from is, of course, electrical malfunctions. Any exposed wiring or sockets may lead to a short circuit and consequently a danger of electrical failure. Make sure that you take care of the basic maintenance. Check Out The Drains As we all know, accumulated water or clogged drains can lead to the proliferation of mosquitoes and other disease-bearing germs. It’s a great idea to fix up a date with the plumber to get all your drains cleared, checked, and de-clogged as the rains approach. Nowadays Mumbai Real Estate developers take utmost care of the drainage systems in their new projects to avoid any sort of disease or electrical hazards that can occur during the monsoons. Protect Your Wooden Furniture Keep your trendy wooden artifacts away from wet clothes and direct exposure to the rain. Add a new coat of varnish if old and use only a dry cloth for wiping surfaces. Rugs and Carpet Care Vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly or else avoid using them during monsoons. If they are uncleaned for long spells they can accumulate bacteria and create an unpleasant odor. The above tips surely can help you prepare your home for the upcoming monsoon season. If you are planning to move to a new home before monsoons you will find projects in Dahisar with all the modern facilities & comfort to enjoy the season without any worries. ...
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Points To Consider While Moving Out To A New Home in Mumbai

It's that time of the year when a lot of house shifting takes place. Mumbai real estate is witnessing a good shift in momentum over the last few months in terms of buyers investing in new properties. However, the process does not end after buying a new home. School admissions, office transfers, packing and moving stuff are a few things to address before you decide to move to a new home in the city. Here are a few tips that will help you make the moving out process easier: Set up your new home Before you move into your new abode, make sure you set it up a bit as per your choice. Get the walls painted as you have always imagined them to be. Not just the walls if you have existing furniture like cupboards, coffee tables, etc that you would be taking to your new home, make sure you give them a new look. Address update With subscriptions to various monthly services like milk, mail, newspapers & magazines, it is important to notify them all about the address change. Most people forget to get these subscriptions changed to their new address which later on can ask you to utilize your time on this rather than acclimatizing to your new abode. Categorize the items to be moved to the new home Categorise items like clothes, books, utensils, etc & pack them in different cartons with labels pasted on them so that it helps you while unpacking as well. Pack fragile items in bubble wraps. Take the help of good movers & packers to shift all your heavy-duty furniture and other home appliances Lock the locks Once you receive the keys to your new place, it is extremely important to get all the locks changed. Because during the shifting process, you lend your keys to so many people working on different things in your place, that they can easily be duplicated. It'ss better to be safe than sorry. Once you control the locks of your home, you also control the safety that comes along with it. Get necessary things installed Things like ACs, CCTV cameras, new furniture installation, bathroom fittings, etc should get installed while the place is empty so that it is less chaotic with family members & other stuff around in the new home. Moving into a new house can be a tiring experience but if you plan things properly & execute them, then it could be an easy task. A lot of the above things can be skipped if you are shifting to ready-to-move-in apartments in Mumbai. Few projects in Dahisar offer you such apartments where you can simply pick your stuff & start living. If you want to move into a new home without facing much hassle do check out flats in Dahisar for a seamless journey of moving into a new home. ...
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Advantages of Buying Ready To Move In Apartment in Mumbai

Due to heavy funds involved in buying a home in Mumbai and delays in possession of a new property people are aggressively opting for ready-to-move-in apartments in Mumbai. Timely deliveries and fund security are the two most important concerns in homebuyer's minds while looking out for a new home, in the case of ready-to-move apartments both these aspects are taken care of. Lets take a look at some more advantages of buying ready-to-move-in homes in Mumbai: You get what you see One of the best advantages of ready-to-move-in properties is that you get what you see and pay for. There is no risk of discrepancy with the layout shown, features, and amenities promised unlike in the case of under-construction properties. You can inspect the house thoroughly before finalizing and making the payment. Immediate availability There is no waiting period to move into your new space. All you need to do after finalizing the home is to make payment and take care of the documentation work and thats all. If you are staying in a rented apartment currently and getting your new house financed, it will also save you from the double burden of paying EMIs & rent. Can serve as a source of additional income If you are purchasing a new house as an investment, due to the ready availability of the property after buying it you can also think of renting it out immediately. The rental benefits can serve as a source of additional income for you. You can know about people living around you It's important to know about your neighbors and surrounding area before you shift to a new place. Buying a ready-to-move-in home gives you the advantage of understanding your neighborhood and the people around you in advance. One can also check the connectivity, convenience to the local market, and other benefits of the locality before buying the property. You can buy within your budget You can choose ready-to-move-in property as per your budget. As such properties are available for immediate possession, if you find the one suited for your requirements and if it fits in your budget you are good to go, unlike in the case of under-construction properties where there are chances of price getting increased will you could get possession of the flat. With all the advantages mentioned above If you are looking for 2 or 3 BHK flats in Dahisar, N Rose developers a well-known name in the real estate industry have their mighty projects in Dahisar East that offer your ready possession flats. Northern Hills, a premium project by N Rose developers offers you 2 & 3 bed ready-to-move-in luxury residences with modern kitchen fittings, 8 level parking facilities, great connectivity & amenities that take care of all your needs. ...
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Best Residential Areas To Live In Mumbai Suburbs

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra state. It is the country’s financial and commercial hub and serves as a principal port on the Arabian sea. The city carries a legacy of rich heritage from various departments right from Architecture, to culture, to art and entertainment. A lot of people dream to be a part of Mumbai’s fast-paced lifestyle in search of better growth & job opportunities. Having said that, finding the right place for you to live in the City of dreams can be frustrating and daunting. Blessed to be one of the most diverse cities in the country, Mumbai has a wide breadth of areas and suburbs to choose from.

The most important factors in choosing the right place are proximity to work, the convenience of schools & colleges for families with kids, and affordable prices for the house. Living in some of the popular suburbs can come with a hefty price tag attached to it, however, multiple projects in Mumbai suburbs claim to offer a comfortable and luxury lifestyle at affordable prices.

Some of the best residential areas in Mumbai’s suburbs that have gained popularity amongst the real estate developers in recent times are listed below

1. Dahisar

Located in the northern part of the city, Dahisar has witnessed rapid development in social infrastructure, better modes of connectivity in recent times. The locality has also emerged as a prospective commercial hub due to forthcoming IT & Business parks. Needless to say, Dahisar is now one of the hot choices for property developers to target. Experienced in commercial and residential spaces over 2 decades, N.Rose developers in Dahisar, have presented their mighty project ‘Northern Hills’ in Dahisar East. The masterpiece which is soaring 676 ft. high into the skies is the tallest tower in the region.

2. Borivali

Borivali stands tall as a primarily residential area in the Northern suburb of Mumbai. Apart from Sanjay Gandhi National Park being one of the main attractions in the locality, schools, colleges, hospitals, cafes, and restaurants, Borivali has it all. Talking about connectivity Borivali is well connected to other parts of the city via Western express highway, S.V road, buses, taxies, and railways. Borivali Railway station is one of the most important & busiest railway stations on western lines as it is the starting point for local as well as many outstation trains.

3. Malad

Malad has gained popularity as the best place to live among working professionals as its a hub for MNCs. Situated almost at a center between the region Borivali – Andheri, it has added advantage of being accessible to all the major corporate offices in surroundings, providing some of the best street food joints and popular restaurants, Malad is the best choice to live for the young working-class crowd. The locality is also known for providing the best projects that aim at comfort & luxury for the middle class and upper-middle-class families.

4. Andheri

One of the largest suburbs in the heart of Mumbai, Andheri is home to some of the biggest corporate giants, Media houses, and IT companies. Being centrally located and having multi transit options makes life easier for people living in Andheri to travel across all the parts of the city. It is well connected to the western, southern as well as central suburbs of Mumbai via networks of roads, metros, & railways. Andheri also has added advantage of having Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in its proximity, as well as a domestic Airport in the nearby area, compared to other suburbs of Mumbai. From popular schools like St. Xavier’s High School, Sardar Patel College of Engineering to 5-star hospitals like Kokilaben Ambani & Seven Hills hospitals, to plenty of shopping centers and markets in the nearby vicinity, popular restaurants and world-class hotels like The Leela, Hyatt, ITC Maratha to name a few, Andheri provides all kinds of social amenities to its residents. For people who want to get closer to the town at a comparatively lesser cost, Andheri is the best choice.

5. Ghatkopar

Due credit to the infrastructural development over the past few years, Ghatkoper is emerging as one of the happening places in the central suburbs of Mumbai. With new businesses blooming in the area, it has now become a prime location for malls, restaurants. Typically Ghatkoper West can be categorized as a commercial hub, whereas Ghatkoper East is mainly a residential paradise with quality projects by some of the renowned developers of the city. The presence of top educational institutions makes this locality a respected place across Mumbai. Its metro station is well connected with other parts of Mumbai making it a convenient place for a day-to-day commute.

Every day the city of dreams welcomes thousands of people. Each one has different needs and expectations from the city. Each locality in the City has its pros and cons, and unique character. It is advised to know your needs and lifestyle expectations in-depth, before choosing a locality for your dream home in the magical city.
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Real Estate Trends

Top 5 Reasons To Invest in Mumbai Real Estate

India is becoming one of the leading attractions to the world for investment. India’s economy has shown a constant upward graph mainly after it emerged as one of the I.T giants in the world. Mumbai- the financial capital of India has seen a lot of positive effects of this economic growth of the country in every business sector, especially the real estate. As a result, the city of dreams has gained a lot of attention from not only the real estate developers in Mumbai but also the investors across the world.

Here are the top 5 reasons to help you understand why you should be investing in Mumbai Real Estate:

1. Commercial Hub

Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai is home to the headquarters and offices of some of the major businesses of the country. This has lead to a rise in commercial property in Mumbai. Simultaneously there is a boost in residential projects in Mumbai as home buyers prefer to buy flats in close vicinity of their workplace.

2. Infrastructure

The city’s infrastructure is constantly improving over the past few years. The roads are widened & are being maintained well and there are lesser cramped up construction buildings in the city. With some of the big projects like Mumbai trans harbor link, metro nearing its completion, and few more projects in the pipeline, the demand for flats and individual houses are high in the city. This has created a good opportunity for developers in Mumbai to launch their projects in the neighboring locality of these infrastructural plans to benefit home buyers.

3. Connectivity & Convenience

The city of dreams has a fast-paced lifestyle and Mumbaikars are known to live life on the clock. Mumbai is known to provide excellent public transport to help you reach from one location to another with the city. Apart from local trains which are better knows as the lifeline of Mumbai, the city also has metros, buses such as BEST, TMT, NMMT, MMT, taxies that exceptionally connects all the parts within the city as well as outside of the city. Owning to this Mumbai has become a hot choice for investment as civic infrastructure such as roads, highways are improving day by day, and metro projects across the city nearing the completion stage. Real estate giants in Mumbai are aiming to invest in projects at such prime locations where they can offer better connectivity and convenience to home buyers.

4. Affordable pricing

The WFH culture in pandemic has triggered the need for owning a comfortable & spacious home at an affordable cost. Developers are now focusing on providing affordable luxury apartments in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. With the festive season around the corner, many real estate projects in Mumbai offer exciting benefits and discounts on stamp duty, pre-bookings of apartments to attract customers.

5. Blend of Cultures

It’s a known fact that Mumbai has a place for everyone. People from different religions, castes, & communities live their life in harmony in the city. From Ganesh Utsav to Christmas every festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm by Mumbaikars. This is the main reason everyone wishes to buy a home in Mumbai to experience this lively spirit of the city.

Owning a home in Mumbai is an achievement in itself. With increasing demands in the lifestyle of citizens and keeping in mind the city’s popularity in the global real estate market, investing in Mumbai is the smart move to make.
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Dahisar - Well Connected and Developed Mumbai Suburbs

From a small suburb to a residential hotspot, the rise of Dahisar is a case study in real estate growth. Good connectivity, sound social infrastructure, and a plethora of property options have together propelled housing demand in the micro-market. Additionally, well-developed social and physical infrastructure has been instrumental in attracting residential demand in the micro-market.

Sound Infrastructure Augments Growth

Dahisar may be part of the northern peripheral suburbs of MMR, but it enjoys excellent connectivity to key areas of Mumbai. The Maharashtra government has initiated several projects to develop infrastructure across MMR. Mumbai Metro Line 2 &7 are expected to augment the entire region’s connectivity. While Line 7 will connect Dahisar East to Andheri East, Line 2A will connect Dahisar to DN Nagar in Andheri West. That’s not all, a further extension of this line will connect DN Nagar to Mankhurd. This landmark project will enhance the connectivity of Dahisar to the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

The north corridor of the western suburbs has evolved significantly over the last two decades with a parallel growth in population and residential development. Dahisar has been one of the most active areas of growth in this region. The upcoming Metro lines and easy access to the Western Express highway will further improve the connectivity quotient of the area.

Future Positive

Dahisar is rightly considered one of Mumbai’s most developed and well-connected suburbs. It’s located in close proximity to several commercial centres and rise in development of new projects replete with lifestyle amenities has kept it buzzing and in demand by home buyers. While affordable housing has primarily dominated the area, recently, several premium projects have also come up in Dahisar owing to the rising demand and changing social profile of residents. With several major corporates also having shifted to the suburbs such as Andheri East, Malad and Goregaon, the northern suburbs are witnessing demand from salaried professionals. Thanks to its superior connectivity and wide range of residential properties, Dahisar promises to be the epicentre of future growth.

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