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Emerging Residential Location - Dahisar East

When it comes to real estate Mumbai is one of the most sought after place. Being the commercial capital it has the highest demand when it comes to real estate. Post 2018, the markets in India have started to grow, several micro markets in Mumbai are beginning to flourish. One such popular micro-market is the Dahisar stretch located in the Western suburbs.

Dahisar offers good connection to the entire Mumbai via the Western Railway Line, as well as the Western Express Highway that starts right from Dahisar. However, there is more. Mumbai metro’s Line 2 and Line 7 are soon set to improve Dahisar’s connectivity by a lot. Line 7 will connect Dahisar East to Andheri East which is one of the prominent business districts in Mumbai. Line 2A will connect Dahisar to DN Nagar in Andheri West and a further extension of this Line 2B will connect DN Nagar to Mankhurd. This will make it a breeze to travel from Dahisar to the Western and Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai.

Dahisar, is located further North of Borivalli and can be reached easily. It has scenic hills on the eastern side and Manori creeks and saltpans on the western side. The stretch is undergoing going a transformation due to the efforts of the government towards decongestion of traffic and regulations over other illegal activities.

There are several upcoming projects in Dahisar East. Several reputed developers such as N Rose Developers have projects coming up in this locality. Due to the connectivity, rental income, education opportunities, shopping and recreation, parks and nature as well as the pricing it is a good choice to invest in a property in Dahisar East. Several Builders and developers in Dahisar have multiple projects coming up in this locality.

Despite off prices of property in Dahisar being on the rise, many of the surrounding areas within 1-2 stops of the railway (and soon metro, are already priced at Rs. 2,000 higher than Dahisar. When you consider to purchase a 1 BHK apartment that ranges between 320-420 sq. ft., this price difference translates into Rs. 9,60,000-12,60,000 of savings.

With so much to offer, Dahisar’s real estate is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the near future. For a smart investor, Dahisar is the place to be.

Home Buying Guide

Importance of Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes are taxes laid down by the government to fund essential public services like schools, sanitation, roads, emergency services, etc. The rate of property tax varies for every state and city. It is a vital source of income for the municipality collected by the local government. Understanding property taxes is essential for property owners to manage their properties efficiently and safeguard their investments. This blog helps us understand the importance of property taxes. Financial impact Property tax is paid out monthly and is included in the maintenance bills. It becomes a part of the monthly expenses. While purchasing a property like 3 BHK flats in Dahisar, home buyers and investors should factor in the property tax as an expense. It is important to know the amount paid so that they can plan their financials effectively. By setting aside the amount for property tax they can assess the returns. Impact on affordability The quantum of property tax will affect the affordability of the property. A higher property tax will make owning and maintenance of the property expensive. Investors need to check the property taxes, for the location, like projects in Dahisar East, before purchasing the property. The payout will impact the returns of investments. Impact on the real estate market Markets with higher property tax may discourage investors and buyers from purchasing real estate while lower property tax will be favoured. The property tax becomes an important factor for purchase. Usually, locations with premium properties, like the luxury flats in Dahisar East, have higher property tax compared to those with budget and affordable properties. Compliance and penalties Property owners must understand the laws related to property tax. Late payment and non-payment attract heavy penalties. If the taxes are not paid for a considerable time then high interest is levied resulting in the accumulation of dues. Missing deadlines may force authorities to lien and foreclose the property to retrieve the dues. Investors who rent out their properties must not have any dues. The authorities do not sympathize with those who rent their property but do not pay the taxes on time. Understanding property taxes is an important part of property ownership. It helps you make informed decisions while choosing the property, planning your financial outcomes, and investment strategy. Since property taxes are a major source of income to the local government, it becomes an important contribution to the community we live in. ...
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Home Buying Guide

The Benefits of Homeownership: Financial and Emotional Rewards

Home is like an anchor in your life. it is a place where you belong where your family lives where you can feel yourself where you feel safe and at ease. Owning a home provides numerous benefits be it financial or non-financial. In a surging economy and thriving real estate industry, owning a home can be extremely beneficial. One can choose from options like luxury flats in Dahisar with world-class amenities. Although owning a home is not easy, the benefits it offers outweigh the challenges. Let us look at the financial and emotional rewards. Financial and emotional security Living in a rented home poses many risks financially as well as emotionally. Rising rentals and the risk of being asked to vacate at short notice can be stressful. By owning a home in new projects in Dahisar, one can rest assured that they and their family are firmly rooted and can live a stress-free life. The home can be your little world which you create and recreate as and when you wish. Investment and legacy building It is well known that real estate investment is one of the best means of multiplying wealth today. As one invests in a home the property appreciation promises to give high returns over time. Building a home also leaves a legacy behind for your loved ones serving as a means of pride and ownership. Flats in Dahisar East offer the ideal location and social infrastructure for generations to experience a comfortable lifestyle. Safety and security A home is where one feels safe and secure from the outside world. One thinks of their home as a place to recuperate and energize to face the world every day. It is also a safety net for your hard-earned wealth that cannot be lost. Since buying and selling property is a long process one cannot liquidate their home easily and at short notice. Wealth invested in property is more secure than liquidity. It is easy to get a loan against property on the home that is owned. Property is most preferred by financial institutions as security against loans making the disbursal easier. Smart Investment Property is a tangible asset whose value appreciates over time acting as a hedge against inflation. It is an asset class for long-term investment and helps diversify your financial portfolio from stocks, bonds, and traditional investments like fixed deposits. The importance of owning a home has become more significant after the pandemic as people realize the importance of having financial stability. Owning a property may have many financial benefits but the emotional benefits are greater. It is no surprise that owning a home is everybodys dream. ...
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