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Why You Should Buy an Apartment in Northern Hills

Dahisar is a rising location for residential real estate due to its demand for affordable homes. Amongst many residential projects in Dahisar, Northern Hills is one of the most elegant and affordable ones. The high soaring tower of 676 ft. has its top into the skies giving irresistible views of the endless horizon. N. Rose Developers have thoughtfully constructed Northern Hills with 2 & 3 BHK homes and a plethora of amenities, making it an apt investment for home buyers. Other reasons why you should consider buying a home in Northern Hills are mentioned below:

• Tallest Development Vicinity:

Living in the tallest development of the vicinity has its own advantages of getting the best of a locality. The lounge provided in Northern Hills sky deck is one of a kind. This also gives better-ventilated homes with a great view from the balconies. You can have the time of your life with your family on the rooftop under the stars or experience the views that the development has to offer.

• Unparalleled Views:

Northern Hills is anchored in one of the established places of Dahisar which provides you with beautiful views of the hills and the creek. The development is in proximity to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which blesses the location with lush greenery around. As for the nightlife in Dahisar, the city lights are mesmerizing view to have from your home.

• Seamless Connectivity:

Dahisar East comes in the western region of the suburbs of Mumbai, where there are plenty of options to have an ease of commute throughout the city. S.V. Road is 30 meters from Northern Hills, there is also the Western Express Highway which is 210 meters away. You have Dahisar Railway station which is 0.45km away. There are other social infrastructural benefits like JBNC School: 2.4 Km, Rustomjee Cambridge School 2.9 Km, Pinnacle Multi-specialty 20 meters, Pulse Diagnostic Centre 20 meters, Lifecare Diagnostics 2 Km.

• Numerous Lifestyle Amenities:

Amongst all the other benefits mentioned above, Northern Hills has some of the best amenities like the Infinity Pool Deck, Kids Play Area, Amphi Seating, Barbeque Deck, Fitness Zone, Indoor Games, Indoor Table Game Zone, jogging track, Jain Temple, Beautifully Designed Residences. These amenities truly change your lifestyle from the inside out.

In conclusion, Northern Hills signifies to be the development you choose to buy a home in when deciding to live in Dahisar East. Not only does Northern Hills provide everything but also is affordable. This means that once Dahisar takes off on the real estate graph, the prices might increase which could benefit you if you invest in them now.

Home Buying Guide

Importance of Open Spaces in Residential Projects in Mumbai

The modern ways of living have had us constantly being in an artificial environment, from work to vacation. This disconnects us from nature and confines us into a given space. Homes are a place where we should be able to relax and the open spaces are meant to provide us with the same. This is one of the reasons why residential properties with open spaces are higher in demand when it comes to projects in Dahisar. Below are a few reasons explained about the vitality of open spaces: Necessary Stimulation: Our minds need a timely break from the routine and an escape that helps stimulate them to avoid fatigue and enhance productivity. The open spaces include the concepts of greenery and landscape that represent limitlessness along with an aesthetic appeal. This not only makes your living atmosphere more relaxing but also makes you feel good about where you live. Progressive lifestyle: When you look for 2 BHK flats in Dahisar, you would be wanting everything for all the members of your family. The open spaces come with an opportunity for the youth to release their energies well in nature, and the children get to meet their true selves which are not influenced by todays tech-savvy applications of the world. The senior citizens also get a place to spend their evenings in peace which is good for their physical and mental health. Eliminating the stress: The working class of our society has been under a lot of pressure, which has resulted in them being stressed and tired. The open spaces automatically help them forget their problems temporarily which creates enough distraction in their minds to become capable to continue dealing with their everyday chores. Open spaces eliminate the stress from your life which is a vital factor in not running out of mental space. Boosts activity: Leading a healthy life is to have a balance between your sedentary lifestyle and physical activities to keep you fit. The developments that do not encourage open spaces are not giving their residents an opportunity to explore their physical capabilities. This restricts the homebuyers psychology to have an outdoor physical life in their routine. However, even the smallest activity outdoors impacts heavily on your physical strength and fitness overall. In conclusion, there are many positive aspects of living in a development that has open spaces. Northern Hills is one of the projects by N Rose Developers in Dahisar that has unparalleled open spaces with a variety of luxury properties. ...
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Home Buying Guide

List Of Documents To Check Before Purchasing A Property In Dahisar

Metropolitan regions have a higher scale of investment when it comes to the real estate industry. A city like Mumbai falls at the top geographic destinations making any property here an expensive transaction. If you are planning to invest in a property in Dahisar, you must ensure that all the paperwork is aptly executed. Below mentioned is the list of documents that you must have a check done before purchasing a property in Dahisar: Sales Deed document: The sales deed document is the proof of ownership of the property that legally makes you the buyer of the property. This is the primary document that begins the procedure from buying the property till you move in. The sales deed has all the terms and conditions about the property mentioned which you should ensure is in place before you sign it. The CC and OC: When you look for any flats in Dahisar, you will find out that all the developments have two-step verification until it becomes a legally full proof for you to invest in them. Step 1 is the completion certificate or the CC which is issued by the authorities of the city after they audit the complete construction of the project. Post this comes step 2 which is the Occupancy certificate or the OC which is issued by the government after the project is audited for its eligibility of having residents move in. EC or Encumbrance Certificate: Lets consider that you are looking for 3 BHK flats in Dahisar and you have finalized one of them. The process of checking the above documents will validate the project being perfect for you to start living there and for you being the owner of your property. However, real estate is a big fund market and you require to have proof that mentions there are no monetary liabilities on your property. This proof is called Encumbrance Certificate. MC or Mutation Certificate: Once you are clear with everything, you also must keep your image clean in the government records of taxation. The mutation certificate is the legal document that signifies that the owner has no legal tax liabilities. This helps you avoid any hassles in the other documentation for getting your property ownership. The building plan: The building plan is the document that holds the design to how the project will look after completion. This is the most important document that proves what you have signed up for. There are chances that the developer might change the design midway through the construction and your product might not be what you paid for. To avoid this misconception, you must have a proper building plan. In conclusion, the list of documents involved in the process of property ownership is long and there are many things involved. Make sure you choose a trustworthy source to grasp the knowledge before you finalize on any property. ...
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