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Why 2 BHK Apartments Are Ideal For Investment?

Investing in real estate is lucrative and foolproof even today. Depending on the capacity of investment, one can choose to invest in residential or commercial properties. Commercial property is usually more expensive than residential property. Residential property is also safer compared to commercial property as residential property is easier to rent out or sell when required. It is known that apartments come in different configurations. Starting from a single room and kitchen to multiple bedrooms with kitchen, one can choose the size of the apartment they wish to invest in. The apartments are designated as BHKs which is an abbreviation for bedroom, hall, and kitchen. The number of bedrooms is mentioned in the beginning. That is why we see the usage of terms like 1 BHK and 2 BHK which means that the apartment is a one-bedroom, hall, kitchen etc. Amongst the many configurations, the 2 BHK is the most popular one due to many reasons.

Let us understand why.


A 2 BHK apartment is very popular amongst end-users as it strikes a perfect balance between size and affordability. It caters to the needs of many different types of users like nuclear families, joint families, single users, and couples. It is not too small nor is it too large and it easily accommodates the different types of family units. Two bedrooms are ideal in most situations with minor adjustments.

Strong rental demand

In most urban areas there is a high demand for rental properties. A 2 BHK meets the accommodation criteria for most kinds of families especially nuclear families and single people who want to share apartments. It gives enough space as well as saves costs compared to large-sized apartments. This is the reason tenants prefer 2 BHKs. Investing in 2 BHK apartments in Dahisar for example is a lucrative option as it will ensure steady rental income due to the high demand for accommodations there.

Low Cost

A 2 BHK in a decent and urban locality is affordable for most investors. It fits the investment budget without putting much strain on first-time investors. The maintenance cost is not high for a 2 BHK property when compared to other large properties. This makes it ideal for beginners to start building a portfolio of real estate investment.


There is a good demand for 2 BHK apartments in any city. If one chooses a good locality with potential for development and urbanization, one can expect the property value as well as rentals to increase over time. It becomes important to conduct proper research and analyse various locations before choosing to invest in a property. By choosing a 2 BHK property in Dahisar East, one can be assured of price appreciation and high returns on investment.

The reasons have seen the natural emergence of a 2 BHK apartment as the most ideal property to invest in.

Home Buying Guide

Why N Rose Developers Recommends Buying an Apartment in Dahisar

From its humble beginnings as a remote suburb in north Mumbai, Dahisar has rapidly evolved into a sophisticated and sought-after location for property investment. In a relatively short span, it has caught up with other suburbs, offering a blend of modern amenities and strategic advantages that make it an ideal destination for prospective investors. Lets delve into the compelling reasons why investing in flats in Dahisar East is a wise choice. Connectivity Dahisar boasts excellent connectivity to major parts of Mumbai through road, railway, and an upcoming metro network. The local railway station, positioned after Borivali on the western line, along with the Western Express Highway, positions Dahisar as a key hub. The ongoing metro projects, including Lines 7, 2A, and 2B, promise to enhance Dahisars accessibility to major economic hubs, making it an even more attractive investment. Infrastructure The Dahisar-Mira Road-Bhayander micro market is witnessing a surge in infrastructure development to complement its burgeoning real estate growth. Thoughtfully planned roads, flyovers, and improved public transport have streamlined movement within these areas. Concretization and road widening initiatives have notably improved traffic flow and accessibility within the suburbs. Social Infrastructure A robust social infrastructure is a crucial factor for families choosing a residence. Dahisar offers top-notch educational institutions, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and shopping malls, making it a self-sufficient locale. Residents no longer need to trek to urban pockets for entertainment, with new projects in Dahisar hosting multiplexes, cafes, restaurants, and recreational centers. Amenities Dahisar has overcome historical challenges like water shortages and power cuts. The residential projects here now boast consistent water supply and uninterrupted power, contributing to a significant improvement in the overall quality of life. Developers are now integrating modern amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, gyms, and sports centers, adding value to residential projects. Real Estate Landscape The rapid development has paved the way for numerous residential and commercial projects catering to various budgets, from affordable to premium. Reputed builders in Dahisar are offering a diverse range of properties with world-class amenities. The difference between 3 BHK apartment and 4 BHK apartment in Dahisar can be significant, depending on the project and developer. Dahisar has emerged as an ideal destination for families and working professionals seeking a place to settle down, start a new business, or make astute investments. With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and a myriad of amenities, Dahisar has transformed from a remote suburb into a thriving real estate hub, promising a bright future for those choosing to be part of its growth story. ...
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Home Buying Guide

Mistakes To Avoid With Home Loan

Anyone who wants to buy a property in Dahisar East knows that the financial capital commands the highest property prices in the country. Most home buyers who want to own a home in Mumbai take a home loan to fulfill their dream. The process of getting a home loan is not an easy one and requires one to be aware of many factors. By following the guidelines discussed below one can make the process smooth and unambiguous. Let us refer to the home loan guide and understand all these one by one. Checking Credit Score The CIBIL score is a credit score that provides information about the buyers ability to repay loans to the lender. It is an important measure used by most loan providers to sanction loans. A borrower must always check their credibility via the CIBIL score before applying for a home loan. This will prevent any hindrances in loan approvals. Doing the research There is a plethora of financial institutions that offer home loans in the market. The fierce competition between them gives the borrower many options to choose from. The borrower must compare the loan offerings before choosing a particular lender. The reputation, schemes, and expert reviews of these lenders can be checked online and through word of mouth on their social networks. The products, tenures, and interest rates need to be studied so that the right product can be chosen. Documentation and Procedure A home loan is a contract between two parties. It involves many legal implications for both parties, especially for the borrower. The borrower agrees to the terms and conditions set by the lender when he signs the documents. Reading and understanding the fine print is a crucial part. Signing the documents unknowingly can result in serious repercussions. The lender may impose unknown terms, conditions, or hidden charges that the borrower is not aware of. All the fine print must be clarified with the lender to avoid future complications. Personal Financial Planning Home loan repayments are made in EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments). It is important to make calculations and allocate funds for the EMI payout, expenses, and emergency fund from the monthly income. One must choose the right home loan plan that fits the budget. Missing the due dates and late payments lead to large penalty charges. It is always better to choose a home that allows easy repayments. Down Payment Every home loan requires a sizeable portion to be paid as a downpayment. This ensures that the borrower can make future payments on time. It also acts as a security for the home loan and ensures a level of trust with the lender. This sum is usually large, and the borrower should have this amount ready before beginning the process of availing of the loan. Consulting a home loan guide or legal experts before making the decision to buy a home is always prudent. It is better to be safe than sorry. ...
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